This is our core business to offer VIP operators the full scope of Continuing Airworthiness Management activities. Our company is EASA Part M Subpart G and OTAR 39 (Bermuda and Cayman) approved and we offer a wide scope of airplane models in the Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream and Bombardier families. In case the aircraft type you are considering is not listed please contact us, we are flexible and could add it to our approval upon request.

From current or past CAMO experience, we can manage your FAA, Aruba, Saudi Arabia and Isle of Man registered airplanes and we are in a position to offer similar CAMO services. We have established good lines of communication with those air authorities and we can make you benefit from this experience.

Whether your air authorities mandate you to contract a CAMO or you want, like many of our customers, ensure your aircraft safety and value is taken care of, AMES can offer you the full scope of CAMO services such as

Configuration Management including :

  • • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) for airframe, engines, APU and appliances;
  • • Airframe Service Bulletins (SBs) and Service Letters (SLs);
  • • Engine SB/SLs;
  • • APU SB/SLs;
  • • Modifications (STCs, Eos…);
  • • Repairs and damages;
  • • Maintenance Programme Development and review;
  • • Maintenance Tracking for parts and tasks;
  • • Task card development;
  • • Maintenance planning for scheduled maintenance;
  • • Maintenance project preparation;
  • • Maintenance project review;
  • • Maintenance status update;
  • • Maintenance history control;
  • • Warranty management;
  • • Aircraft document management;
  • • Aircraft times (flying hours and cycles) control;
  • • Certificate of Airworthiness Renewal preparation and assistance;
  • • Maintenance invoices and quotations review;

Please contact us to discuss how we can best meet your expectations and work together!


AMES is an approved EASA Part M Subpart I airworthiness review company since 2014 and we have completed some reviews for our Boeing B737NG BBJ customers. We have on our capability list the Airbus A320 family and thus can offer our services to external companies. We have a clear understanding of the VIP airplane market and our CAMO experience can definitely make the difference. Please contact us if you would like to consider our services.


Our CAMO expertise is also valuable during pre-purchase inspections requested either directly by our customers, or in the form of sub-contracting from third-parties. We have acquired a wide experience in reviewing maintenance records to assess the airworthiness of an airplane and advise the potential buyer of any subject of concern on the selected airplane. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, Airworthiness Directives review, maintenance program and tracking analysis, modifications status, repairs and damages review and records inventory.
For such exercise, our team is able to go beyond its area of expertise, meaning we can perform the work regardless of the airplane manufacturer.
The B737NG BBJ airplane model being our core business, we will definitely bring an added value if you ever require our services to review the records of a BBJ. We will be more than happy to share with you our fleet effect feedback on this specific model. Our expertise and our knowledge of the BBJ will be, with no doubt, a key factor in your purchase process.
Please contact us for a customized work-scope and we will handle your request.


Our extensive CAMO experience can benefit you on a wide range of activities for which you might seek assistance. For example, you can contract us on a one-time review of an airplane in the frame of a potential pre-purchase inspection. This can be useful to provide a first evaluation report before launching the official purchase process to confirm if the plane is in good overall condition.
Our expertise in maintenance and configuration management can also be used to estimate your asset value on the market, to compare it with other planes or check the status of coming new mandates.
AMES can also be contracted for a specific modification project, to perform preparation, support and review of complex maintenance inputs.
We can develop, review or update your maintenance program on a permanent or one-time basis. We also provide the same service for Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL).
Feel free to contact us, we will for sure find a way to assist you!


AMES has been involved on the Boeing B787 for more than 4 years and one of the main topic on modern airplanes is “e-enabling”. In order to be compliant, you have to have full control over the field loadable software on your airplane, including version management, review, distribution, storage, loading and function. AMES has now the experience to assist you putting the required contracts and tools in place to reach this capacity. Our internal software, ADEL, has a dedicated module to track all installed software on each component, including version management. We can assist you to purchase the required IT equipment and configure the maintenance laptop used to load software on the airplane.
If you are facing issues or challenges with e-enabling or software management, let us know, we will help you.