• 06/06/2024


    Our teams have been working for quite some time with Boeing and BBJ on various technical subjects and this time Boeing proposed to come to our facilities to have a working session. We hosted total 7 Boeing representatives from maintenance engineering and customer support. The main working session has been spent on improving the B737 BBJ active storage / flight ready condition procedures to better match BBJ specific requirements. We made great progress and Boeing engineering will finalize the review internally with a target to get the maintenance manual be updated in the coming months. In addition since we are BBJ MAB co-chairman we worked on the BBJ MPD proposed coming changes in order to bring our practical experience. Based on our reliability data and studies, we provided Boeing with our feedback on fleet issues and specific low utilization defects we are facing. Indeed with our fleet of 12 BBjs for nearly 20 years we have now accumulated a lot of data which allowed us to either adjust task intervals or add reliability tasks on some of our BBjs based on their operating environment. We shared our internal data with the aim for Boeing to provide some recommendations to the other BBJ operators on an optional basis. Those two working days have been really productive and allowed both teams to understand each other better for improved working relations. We did not forget there is more than work in life and we shared with our Boeing friends the good sides of France!

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    • 29/05/2024

    EASA PART-M Subpart I capacity extension

    Our team is counting a new member with Mr Brahim Naji who is bringing us many decades of experience in the fields of Aircraft Review Certificate (ARC) survey and renewal. This is expanding our capacity to offer ARC renewal services for Boeing B737NG, B747-400, B787, Airbus A320 and A330. Brahim is currently working on an A330 ARC recommendation after major check and cargo conversion. If you have any request for such services, feel free to contact us and we will see how we can best assist you.

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    • 28/03/2024


    With all of our experience on the B737NG BBJ we were looking to get our first BBJ MAX under contract and this is now achieved! The airplane has arrived at its completion facility, our 737 team led by Jean-René will review previous maintenance and Boeing delivery records in order to enrol the plane into our system. Most of our work will be initially to issue preservation work-orders to the MRO but we will as well review all applicable ADs, SBs and SLs to make our recommendations to the owner. Our target is to benefit from the outfitting ground-time to propose all applicable upgrades and have the best configuration at entry into service to ensure the best reliability. We are ready to work with you on your next BBJ MAX project!

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    • 15/03/2024


    One of our customer decided to purchase an A320CJ on which we completed a records review and a full integration into our ADEL system. The plane is currently going through a major maintenance visit including cabin refurbishment, engine shop visit, landing gear overhaul and several cabin upgrades including Ka-Band STC installation. This is giving us the great opportunity to be back on the A320 family CAMO business after a few years break. Christophe and Fabrice have been working hard on this project and we are now back operational on this aircraft type and ready for new Airbus projects!

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    • 21/02/2024


    Stephane who is in charge of our Gulfstream fleet will be attending the famous Gulfstream Operators & Suppliers conference in Savannah, from 1st to 4th April 2024. The main purpose of his visit is to learn from the various technical discussions but as well to share with Gulfstream on our fleet issues. If you would like to meet him there, please contact us before the event to set an appointment.

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    • 14/02/2024


    A couple of months ago we have been contracted by VIP operator Global JET Isle of Man to perform CAMO activities for a VVIP B747-8 they were adding to their fleet. Considering our company AMES had already 6 years experience managing such a unique airplane model, it appeared to be more efficient for Global JET to contract us on this project. We already had such a cooperation together on a VVIP B787-8 and it worked very well. We are still working on the enrolment phase to review all maintenance history back to Boeing production but we are already fully ready for the daily CAMO activities. This is showing that CAMO Sub contracting on some specific airplane models can be an efficient way for operators to monitor the regulatory airworthiness requirements, using dedicated competent and trained work forces. Our independance is allowing us to be your partner and get you a rapid option to face a short time-line on specific projects. Let us know if you have any request.

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    • 19/01/2024


    We are proud to have obtained a new CAMO approval with the San Marino registry! Indeed we are the third approved CAMO for T7 registered airplanes with a smooth process thanks to our compliance monitoring manager Jean-Mathieu! With this CAR CAMO approval we can offer our full range of airworthiness services for private airplanes following CAR OPS 2 regulation and they can benefit from a C of A validity of 3 years. We hope to increase our fleet of San Marino registered airplanes, please contact us if you are interested.

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    • 22/12/2023

    B747-400 CAMO

    At a time when most of the airlines have retired their B747-400 airplanes, we at AMES have been developping our CAMO expertise on this model for the past 3 years. Indeed it started back in 2020 when we got asked to work on 2 ea cargo airplanes and with the world-wide pandemic, the cargo activity increased so much that we had up to 8 airplanes into operation and some more airplanes under enrolment. Even though the cargo market has gone quiet, we continue to expand our knowledge with one of our VIP customer who contracted us back in August 2022 for their VIP B747-400 on which we have been working to review all the maintenance records, quite an extensive job! Working on this B747-400 model gave us really good experience on ageing airplane issues and Supplemental Structural Inspection Program (SSIP), with some airplanes having past 30 years and 120,000 Hrs or 20,000 Cycles! There are not many B747-400 airplanes still in operation and consequently not many experienced CAMOs maintaining this capacity but we are one of them! Let us know if you are in need of this expertise.

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    • 27/10/2023


    Boeing offered AMES the opportunity to participate to their "Voice Out to Customer" (VOC) program. This gives the occasion to different airlines, operators and Leasing Companies to share “who they are” and “what they do” with Boeing Customer Support. Just before the last BBJ OOC Mickael made a presentation in front of nearly 80 persons from the Boeing support in Seal Beach. The one hour presentation was also streamed on Boeing webex for another one hundred attendees. This has been the perfect occasion to present what is an EASA CAMO working on VIP airplanes, what we expect from Boeing support teams and what are the problems we have to face. We are proud to be the first VOC participant coming from the VIP aviation and we hope it will improve our relation with Boeing support as well benefit to the BBj community!

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    • 04/10/2023


    In Early September Bombardier organized their annual regional operator conference in Budapest and our dedicated engineers Miguel and Thomas attended the event. They have learned from the various presentations / workshops and it was the occasion to discuss our own fleet reliability issues we are facing on the 2 ea Global 7500 we have in our fleet for more than 3 years now. If you are interested to contract us for your Global please contact us!

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