Mickael Villermet

Founder & CEO

I always tell my team that our best sales persons are our customers! We cannot hide behind a famous brand or large corporation, our success is based on our operator satisfaction by providing a reliable and efficient service. Looking at our growing fleet and customer base, I think we did well but there are always ways of improvements. I can only thank all my team for their dedicated work, our experienced engineers will train the younger ones and looking forward expending!


Back in 2006, the requirement to contract CAMO was not yet in place for most of the air authorities, but neither the operator nor their contracted repair station could offer efficient services and this is how AMES came to life. After spending more than 6 years in the planning department of a reputable repair station, I decided to take my chance and could count on 2 clients for 3 BBJs. I didn’t want to only be a user of on-line tracking systems and decided to develop dedicated IT tools which allow us today to offer recognized CAMO services for more than 20 airplanes.

Christophe Coquelet

Airworthiness Engineer

Christophe works as an engineer in AMES airworthiness, and considering its experience, is an expert in the team.


Christophe joined the team back in 2011, after being graduated from engineering school Institut Polytechnique Des Sciences Avancées (IPSA) and after spending a few months with Turbomeca (Safran Helicopter Engines) and Snecma (Safran Aircraft Engines) as a trainee.

Miguel Bodin

Airworthiness Engineer

Miguel joined AMES back in 2014, his main duty is Airworthiness Engineer but he is also our IT specialist.
He is our Bombardier expert, in charge of Global and Challenger fleet.


Considering his background and his wish to become an airworthiness engineer, we decided together to make him join the IMA (Institute of Aeronautical Maintenance) in Bordeaux for 2 years of education. In September 2016, Miguel graduated from this engineering school with a specialization in avionics. He joined the team as a full-time airworthiness engineer, he also maintain AMES IT tools on a daily basis.

Tom Armbruster

Airworthiness Engineer

In 2019 Tom decided to continue his training through the Airworthiness Management and join the team as a junior airworthiness engineer.


After his graduation from IMA (Institution of Aeronautical Maintenance) Tom showed a real interest for AMES activities. He made his License degree half time at school and half time at AMES, which gave him the opportunity to familiarize with the CAMO work.

Jean-René Mulhauser

Airworthiness Engineer

In March 2019, Jean-Rene Mulhauser decided to steer his career towards Airworthiness Management and he has now joined AMES as airworthiness engineer.


Graduating from IMA (Institute of Aeronautical Maintenance) in Bordeaux (France), Jean-René Mulhauser worked during 6 years in Configuration Management for Airbus and Premium Aerotec, both in France and Germany.

Alexandre Sappey

Airworthiness Engineer

In October 2020, Alexandre joined AMES and starts his career as an Airworthiness Engineer. He deals with Boeing 747 cargo fleet and cargo activities.


Graduating from aerospace engineering school IPSA (Institut Polytechnique Des Sciences Avancées), he gained experience in aeronautics through internships in airlines such as Air France (Paris) and Cebu Pacific (Manila, Philippines). He also spend few months at the University of Arizona (USA) to attend aerospace mechanical engineering courses.

Damien Lejeune

Airworthiness Engineer

In March 2021, Damien joined AMES to start his career as an Airworthiness Engineer. He is now part of the team and will focus on our Boeing 787 fleet activities.


Before being graduated in 2020 from ESTACA (Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aéronautiques et de Construction Automobile) , Damien mainly gained professional experience through working 13 months in a CAMO team within a French airline “Air Caraïbes Atlantique” on A330/A350. After that, he spent 6 months in Thailand to finish his studies in the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of Kasetsart University in Bangkok. When coming back to France, he did his 6 last months of internship within the technical department of OEMServices, leading MRO and Supply Chain specialist based in Paris CDG airport.

Stéphane Mikolajczyk

Airworthiness Engineer

In June 2021, Stéphane decided to steer his career towards Airworthiness Management and he has now joined AMES as airworthiness engineer.


Stéphane has spent the past five years at Jet Aviation Basel acting as planning engineer and project manager in the large aircraft maintenance department. Stéphane graduated from French engineering school ISAE-ENSMA 6 years ago and his also an experienced private pilot.

Jean-Mathieu Blaise

Quality Manager

In September 2021, Jean-Mathieu decided to steer his career towards Airworthiness Management environment, he has now joined AMES as Quality Manager.


Jean-Mathieu worked during 16 years in the French Air Force as an aircraft mechanic then he moved in 2005 to Regional (Air France’s subsidiary) where he became Line Maintenance Manager at the Basel/Mulhouse Airport In 2008 he joined JET AVIATION AG BASEL as aircraft inspector in the Falcon Completion department then quality auditor before being promoted Quality Manager of the Large Aircraft Completion Production organization.

Baptiste Sejournet

Junior Airworthiness Engineer

Baptiste joins AMES as a trainee in 2020 (for 5 months) and 2021 (for 6 months). After finishing his 6-month period internship and being graduated from ELISA Aerospace (EcoLe d’Ingénieur des Sciences Aérospatiales), he decided to join AMES to become part of our Airworthiness Engineer team in September 2021.


Baptiste is already used to AMES process and company culture since he spent 11 months as a trainee with our team before being fully part of the team.

Fabrice Koumo Pourgué

Junior Airworthiness Engineer

Fabrice joins AMES as a trainee in March 2021. After finishing his 6-month period internship and being graduated from Evering (ex-IMA, Institut de Maintenance Aéronautique), he decided to join AMES to become part of our Airworthiness Engineer team in September 2021.


Fabrice holds a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Structures Maintenance from Evering ex-IMA (Institute of Aeronautical Maintenance) in Bordeaux and has a first-class bachelor’s degree in Technical Operations of Aircraft and Engines from SSAU (Samara State Aerospace University) in Russia.

Laurence Villermet

Administrative Assistant

Laurence joined AMES in 2011 and she is Mickael’s assistant, taking care of accounting among other duties.


When not working for AMES she is also a professional nurse with over 15 years of practice.