Our story began in April 2006 when the founder, Mickaël Villermet, understood the need for VIP operators to have an independent structure to manage the airworthiness of their airplane, with clearly identified responsibilities. This is also at that time when the air authorities started to implement the so-called CAMO entities with the same wish to establish proper continuing airworthiness management procedures and accountability for those complex airplanes. This was the right timing to start the new venture AMES thanks to our first two customers for 3 BBJs under contract. As a sign of customer satisfaction, we still manage those 3 airplanes!

Through the years, AMES experience on BBJs has been recognized by the market and not only by other VIP operators, but by head-of-state operators as well. As such, our BBJ fleet now counts 14 BBJs under full-time contract. Thanks to our Boeing BBJ expertise and our working relation with Boeing as part of the BBJ Maintenance Advisory Board (MAB), AMES is listed in the BBJ Handbook as CAMO service supplier.

In order to sustain this continuous growth, our workforce has increased to reach 6 employees dedicated to support you with all the flexibility needed. Our family size business allows us to be efficient, pro-active and close to you.

Today we offer high quality standard CAMO services on various VIP aircraft manufacturers including Gulfstream, Bombardier and Boeing but we also have Airbus experience and capability. We are proud to be the leading CAMO for VIP Boeing airplane market considering our current portfolio of 17 Boeing airplanes including 11 B737NG, 1 B747-8, 2 B767 and 3 B787. In addition our fleet now counts 2 Boeing freighter B747-400.

Located in Basel area, only 10 minutes away from Basel airport which is one of the world’s largest maintenance place for VIP aviation, we can easily support our customers during their projects. Our team can also travel to any required place where your plane will be maintained.



AMES is born, 3 BBJs are supported by the company


First wide-body B767, first Gulfstream 450 and 550 and first Airbus A319 to join the fleet


Christophe joins the team and AMES signs its first Bombardier Global 5000


AMES signs its 10th BBJ confirming its position of leader on the market worldwide for this model


Miguel joins AMES team, bringing his IT skills to develop ADEL


AMES signs its first B787


10 year event celebration with our customers


1 B747-8 is added to the fleet


Tom and Jean-René are our new team members to allow increased capacity


AMES is expanding into the B747-400 cargo CAMO activities and has increased its work-force with Alexandre to take care of the new planes