To better suit our CAMO needs, AMES built its own maintenance tracking system named ADEL (Aircraft Documentation Electronic Library). The main benefit of having this system in-house compared to a web-based tracking system is the control and accountability of the data. Because your aircraft is unique due its VIP configuration, it is important to efficiently track all the specific cabin equipment and maintenance requirements for all installed modifications. We developed specific functions to monitor engine oil consumption, APU trend monitoring or a technical library database to track installed systems and their related documents.

ADEL is able to track the complete configuration of the airplane, allowing a daily automatic reporting for you to always have access to an accurate status of your airplane, including:

  • AD/SB/SL for airframe, engines and APU;
  • Parts and tasks for airframe, engines and APU;
  • Software listing;
  • Oil consumption analysis;
  • LLP for airframe, engines and APU;
  • Minor and major modifications;
  • Damages and repairs;

Besides, ADEL is able to provide upon request an accurate reliability analysis to satisfy NAA requirements and to increase your airplane availability.

We developed this tool to be in a position to answer all your needs, we have full control on the application and can develop new features as we or you will see a need for it. We believe in our dedicated tool to offer customized and reliable continuing airworthiness task reporting. Being a CAMO for VIP operators cannot only be scaled down to being a user of a web-based tracking system made for thousands of airplanes from dozens of different types, with hundreds of various customer expectations.