B747-400 CAMO

At a time when most of the airlines have retired their B747-400 airplanes, we at AMES have been developping our CAMO expertise on this model for the past 3 years. Indeed it started back in 2020 when we got asked to work on 2 ea cargo airplanes and with the world-wide pandemic, the cargo activity increased so much that we had up to 8 airplanes into operation and some more airplanes under enrolment. Even though the cargo market has gone quiet, we continue to expand our knowledge with one of our VIP customer who contracted us back in August 2022 for their VIP B747-400 on which we have been working to review all the maintenance records, quite an extensive job!

Working on this B747-400 model gave us really good experience on ageing airplane issues and Supplemental Structural Inspection Program (SSIP), with some airplanes having past 30 years and 120,000 Hrs or 20,000 Cycles!

There are not many B747-400 airplanes still in operation and consequently not many experienced CAMOs maintaining this capacity but we are one of them! Let us know if you are in need of this expertise.