A couple of months ago we have been contracted by VIP operator Global JET Isle of Man to perform CAMO activities for a VVIP B747-8 they were adding to their fleet. Considering our company AMES had already 6 years experience managing such a unique airplane model, it appeared to be more efficient for Global JET to contract us on this project. We already had such a cooperation together on a VVIP B787-8 and it worked very well. We are still working on the enrolment phase to review all maintenance history back to Boeing production but we are already fully ready for the daily CAMO activities.

This is showing that CAMO Sub contracting on some specific airplane models can be an efficient way for operators to monitor the regulatory airworthiness requirements, using dedicated competent and trained work forces. Our independance is allowing us to be your partner and get you a rapid option to face a short time-line on specific projects. Let us know if you have any request.