• 10/11/2021


    We are glad to announce that we have hired another freshly graduated engineer from french aeronautical engineering school Elisa. Even though he started as fixed employee at AMES in September, Baptiste has already spent almost a year working with us during his final 2 years as engineer trainee during 2 internship sessions. Baptiste will be working within the large airplane group to support the increasing B747-400 cargo fleet.

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    • 26/10/2021


    Our customer Longtail Aviation International is increasing its B747-400 fleet under CAMO contract with us, from currently 3 airplanes in operation, they will be adding 2 more airplanes joining soon operations. The fleet is now counting a passenger to freighter B747-400B in addition to the 2 freighters in operation for more than a year. The next 2 airplanes will be Combi B747-400M after being modified to carry freight in the cabin. AMES has been working with the airplane owner for the past 6 months to review and enrol those additional B747s into our tracking system ADEL. Our activity in the cargo business has significantly increased in the past year due to our great working relations with airplane owner JETOneX and Longtail operator. We are all working on new projects to come!

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    • 20/08/2021


    AMES is expanding its CAMO services capabilities to the Embraer 170/190 Series family and has signed a CAMO contract for 2 ea ERJ-170 airplanes. The subject airplanes have been operating with various airlines for the past 15 years and we have conducted our airworthiness review to present them for their initial Certificate of Airworthiness application with Bermuda CAA. Both planes are fully running into our internal ADEL tracking system and this demonstrates again our capacity to deal with complex enrolment of new aircraft type, with large historical data in a fairly short time-frame. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for CAMO support for your Embraer airplane!

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    • 05/05/2021


    Following our recent 787 fleet increase we have decided to expand our airworthiness engineering team with Damien Lejeune who joined us in early March. Damien holds an engineering degree from ESTACA in Paris and after spending a year working in CAMO team within a French Airline on A330/A350 he decided to join us. Damien will focus on our B787 fleet including the e-enabling activities. We are proud to have him on-board!

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    • 10/03/2021


    AMES has recently been contracted by a new customer to perform the delivery technical acceptance of an in-service B787-8 airplane. This airplane had been operating with an airline for several years and the work-scope included documentation review and on-site coordination with physical survey. In addition we have been contracted to offer CAMO services with a complete phase-in project in order to change airplane registration and be ready for the entry into service with the new operator. A major activity has been to prepare and reload the new airplane software certificates as part of the Initial Data Load / e-enabling services. This project has been achieved on a short time line allowing the plane to be already in operation. We are now increasing our knowledge and expertise on the B787 family! We are glad to have been contracted for this project by a reputable operator.

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    • 24/01/2021


    AMES has signed a new CAMO contract with a new customer for a VIP Boeing 787-8. The CAMO contract is following the successful completion of a comprehensive records review on behalf of the new owner. Our work was to perform an audit back to birth of the maintenance activities performed by the previous owner / operator. In parallel we have incorporated this almost 5 year in-service airplane into our tracking system ADEL and we are now ready for its start of operations. We also have now the full capacity to manage the Loadable Software Aircraft Parts (LSAP) as part of the E-enabling concept required for in-service B787s. This is our 3rd Boeing 787 under contract and we are already working on the next one...

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    • 18/12/2020


    AMES has recently received its new EASA PART-CAMO approval from the French DGAC after successful audit from French OSAC. Our new approval number is FR.CAMO.0046 and we took the opportunity to add some more airplane types to our rating: Boeing 767 Series, Boeing 787 Series and Bombardier BD700 Series (Global 5000/6000/7500). Please check our new certificate in the approval section. Our quality department is still very active in developping our SMS in order to enhance the safety of our work. We are on track for the coming EASA requirements!

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    • 18/11/2020


    AMES activity has been very high during the past months, mainly driven by our new cargo CAMO contracts for 2 ea B747-400s. This is why we have decided to increase our engineering team and we are glad to welcome Alexandre who will be in charge of those airplanes. Alexandre is freshly graduated from IPSA, aerospace engineering school located in Paris area, he gained experience through internships in airline MROs such as Air France (Paris) and Cebu Pacific (Manila, Philippines). He also spent few months at the University of Arizona (USA) to attend aerospace mechanical engineering courses. Welcome onboard Alexandre!

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    • 10/11/2020

    SECOND B747-400 CARGO

    Our partnership with Bermuda operator Longtail Aviation is expanding with the addition of a second B747-400 Converted freighter airplane! We have successfully achieved the initial airworthiness review and transfer to the Bermuda register within the requested timeline. This is a significant exercise to review airplane history and records in order to present it for its initial certificate of airworthiness as well as develop its customized maintenance program. Thanks to our internal ADEL CAMO software, we are now tracking the maintenance and can support the entry into service with Longtail cargo operations. We are already working on the next airplane...

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    • 26/10/2020


    One of our customer has acquired a brand new Bombardier Global 7500 and has tasked AMES to prepare its entry into service and airworthiness management. This one is the straight following MSN after the first Global 7500 signed one month ago! Our team is ready to work on those twins and is looking forward to increase our Global 7500 fleet.

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