• 17/05/2023


    EBACE show is approaching rapidly and even though we will not have an AMES booth, we will have AMES representatives during the exhibition. If you want to meet us we can set-up a meeting, please reach us at and we will revert back to you. We look forward meeting you at EBACE 2023!

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    • 16/05/2023


    On May 11th we organized a social event in our facilities to celebrate our 17th year acting as CAMO for VIP airplanes with our customers, partners and friends. It turned out to be a great occasion to show our new offices and present the entire AMES team. Thanks again for our customers who traveled a long way to attend and to all other guests who attended! We look forward to meet all together again for our 20th birthday in 2026!

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    • 05/05/2023


    We have signed back the CAMO contract for a Boeing 737BBJ which left us after being sold back in 2020. The new owner located in Middle-East was looking for an experienced BBj CAMO and came back to us, we are very happy to work again on this BBJ, which we knew from its Boeing delivery. This addition is strenghtening our position on the B737BBJ CAMO market, giving us some more data for our reliability fleet. Welcome back!

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    • 24/03/2023


    Freedom II Ltd Embraer 170 Recently our customer Freedom II Bermuda Limited started its commercial operations with 2 ea Embraer 170s we have under CAMO and registered in Bermuda. They offer direct flights from Ft Lauderdale and New-York White plains to Island of Anguilla in the Carribeans. A full records back to birth review was necessary to enrol those planes onto our CAMO database ADEL and they are now fully operationnal and up to speed. In addition to the 2 ea 170s, Freedom II is also offering for VIP charter a nice B757-200 featuring 62 business class seats and a bedroom. Freedom II teams worked hard with our staff, Tom being the engineer in charge, to achieve this goal and set-up a new AOC operation, including a 145 line station organization. We are proud to be part of this success story!

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    • 14/10/2022


    AMES team has participated to the Boeing Business Jet annual conference in Tenerife October 4th to 7th. It has been the occasion to meet Boeing people as well as other operators, discuss technical subjects and enjoy the social events. As a BBj listed supplier, Mickael and Jean-René had a booth at the dedicated supplier session to present our services. This has been our 16th BBj conference and we are glad to be part of the BBj family! Our relationship with the BBj community is getting stronger thanks to Boeing's expertise in organizing such events.

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    • 21/09/2022


    We are proud to announce that our new offices are fully functional and after several months of final adjustments, the transfer is complete! Those new facilities are located at the same location as our previous ones, ideally located 10 minutes away from Basel Airport MROs. We can now enjoy a total surface of 370m2 spread over 2 levels, including 3 meeting rooms, 2 large open spaces, one cafeteria and several storage rooms. We can safely archive documents into another 160m2 of storage area. Our new offices can easily accommodate 20 staff members and we are looking towards filling the space... Feel free to come and visit us!

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    • 13/09/2022

    B787 and B747-400 Subpart I addition

    We have recently added to our EASA Part M Subpart I approval the Boeing B787 Series and the Boeing B747-400 models. This will allow us to conduct Aircraft review Certificate (ARC) for the planes we have under CAMO contract, as well as offer external review services for operators seeking subpart I ARC review work. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in using our company CAMO expertise on those models.

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    • 31/03/2022


    AMES has received its final PART CAMO approval certificate from the french DGAC. We have developed our new OMM (Organization Management Manual) and revised our CAME (Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition), to include the SMS (Safety Management System) into our procedures. A big thank you to Jean-Mathieu our new CMM (Compliance Monitoring Manager) and Jean-René our SM (Safety Manager) for their hard work! We also thanks our OSAC inspector for his cooperation and assistance during the entire process, they have also been extremely busy transitioning all the CAMOs in a relatively short period! Please check our approval page to get our new certificate.

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    • 10/11/2021


    We are glad to announce that we have hired another freshly graduated engineer from french aeronautical engineering school Elisa. Even though he started as fixed employee at AMES in September, Baptiste has already spent almost a year working with us during his final 2 years as engineer trainee during 2 internship sessions. Baptiste will be working within the large airplane group to support the increasing B747-400 cargo fleet.

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    • 26/10/2021


    Our customer Longtail Aviation International is increasing its B747-400 fleet under CAMO contract with us, from currently 3 airplanes in operation, they will be adding 2 more airplanes joining soon operations. The fleet is now counting a passenger to freighter B747-400B in addition to the 2 freighters in operation for more than a year. The next 2 airplanes will be Combi B747-400M after being modified to carry freight in the cabin. AMES has been working with the airplane owner for the past 6 months to review and enrol those additional B747s into our tracking system ADEL. Our activity in the cargo business has significantly increased in the past year due to our great working relations with airplane owner JETOneX and Longtail operator. We are all working on new projects to come!

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